Get a glimpse of what we do:


Whatever the scope of your project is, we are ready to provide you with the best production solutions.

From scripting to final post production we are here to facilitate the process:

Consult us when you just develop your ideas and we will provide the best way to create¬†the perfect piece for your or client’s budget.

Work with us while presenting your ideas to the client, and we will provide you with breathtaking slides on our shooting techniques for your project.

During production we provide you with A-teams. We have professional and friendly suppliers: director’s research specialists, storyboard artists, casting management agencies, location management companies, art departments, and of course top class technical teams, rental houses choice for any project scale.

Post production is covered. You have a choice from in-house department for simple projects to a range of our reliable partners like Camaradas, KievPostProduction, Terminal, Chupakabra – most of them constantly involved with big international movie productions.

We offer Color Grading at Postmodern studio in Kiev with a choice of the most recognized specialists in Kiev.